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What is the campaign?
This is a campaign promoted by a number of actors in world civil society in response to the serious problems the world faces today. As part of it, we claim our democratic right to take part in the global decisions that affect our lives.

The campaign's objective is to spark off a process leading to the reform of the system of international institutions with the participation of all world actors and moving towards a system of global democratic governance that can help us to build a better world.

This campaign Manifesto, along with the endorsements received for it, will be submitted to the UN General Assembly with a call for the organisation of a World Conference on Reform of  the System  of

International Institutions. In order to obtain as many signatures as possible for the manifesto, it is essential that we all, within our possibilities, help to promote and spread the campaign.

  • Conference on Reform of United Nations and other International Institutions; 02-05-05

  • Statement on the Report of UN on threats, challenges and change; 28-02-05

  • Antonio Guterres supports the campaign; 21-11-04

  • World campaign committees around the world; 06-09-04

  • Nawal El Saadawi and Catalan Libraries for the Reform; 23-04-04

  • London declaration; 01-04-04

  • Boutros Boutros Ghali supports the Campaign; 01-04-04

  • Federico Mayor and Mario Soares sign the manifesto!; 08-10-03

  • New e-mail of signature (ask for it and resend it!)

  • You can now see the manifesto signature book and the list of new campaign promoting organisation

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