Title: Cultural development and environment.
Author: Tohmé, Georges.
Publishing: UNESCO, Paris, 1999.
The writer shows links among culture, development and environment.  It describes  factors that affect the cultural development and shows the way democratic education can contribute to protect cultural inheritance and develop attitudes and an ecological ethic.  The links between cultural and urban development, agricultural methods, work and technology, public health and architecture are outlined.  This work raises awareness about environmental respect.
Title: Los desafíos ambientales. Reflexiones y propuestas para un futuro sostenible.
Authors: Novo, María (Coord.), con capítulos de Valeriano Ruiz, Carlos Montes, Antonio Ruiz de Elvida, Mariano Aguirre y otros.
Publishing: Universitas, Madrid, 1999.
A collective work of reference sponsored by UNESCO' s Education Programme for a Sustainable Future with studies on demographic imbalances, energy paradigms, water resources crisis, deforestation, food matters, climatic change, waste products and armed conflicts caused by natural resources, among other subjects.
Title: La educación ambiental. Bases éticas, conceptuales y metodológicas.
Author: Novo, María.
Publishing: Universitas, Madrid, 1995.
A didactic and detailed  analysis of evolution concerning environment in international organizations with particular emphasis on UNESCO.  At the same time, it is a study on the ethical bases of environmental protection and action for reaching a sustainable development.  Interesting proposals for formal and informal education.
Title: La educación encierra un tesoro.
Authors: Delors, Jacques (dir.) y otros.
Publishing: Santillana/Unesco, Madrid 1998.
This book deals with education as a lifelong task and a key question for the future of our societies.  The report is written  by a prestigious International Commission chaired by Jacques Delors.  An important reflection on education as a necessary utopia is made.  The four main pillars of education are described: knowing, working, living together and being.  
Title: Los Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio.
Authors: Alonso, José Antonio (dir.) y otros.
Publishing: Revista de Estudios Sociales y de Sicología Aplicada, enero-marzo 2005.
This magazine includes monographic studies on the Millenium Objectives and their relation to subjects such as security, development, poverty, trade, etc.
Title: Un mundo nuevo.
Author: Mayor Zaragoza, Federico.
Publishing: Círculo de Lectores/Galaxia Gütenberg/Ediciones UNESCO, Barcelona, 2000.
The former Director General of UNESCO, and President of the Foundation for a Culture of Peace, wrote and led an international team of researchers to analyse the great challenges that humankind faces such as the path to a  stable peace, how to solve the poverty problem, how to manage a healthy and sustainable environment and how  to reach a common civilizing project.  This study links the great environmental subjects with urban matters, the role of women, science and culture in social change, and proposes a new ethical contract between governing class and civil societies.  Complementary readings from the same writer:  Los nudos gordianos, Galaxia Gütenberg, /Círculo de Lectores, Barcelona, 1999.
Title: La situación del mundo 2001. Informe Anual del WorldWatch Institute.
Authors: R. Brown, Lester; Flavin, Christopher y French, Hylary (Eds.), con capítulos de Janet Abramovitz, Seth Dunn y Gary Gardner, Ricardo Aguilar, y otros.
Publishing: Icaria editorial/Fundación Hogar del Empleado, Barcelona, 2001.
A basic work of reference  published every year by the famous WorldWatch Institute, from Washington, D. C.   Written from a scientific perspective, yet educational.  Provides wide-ranging treatment of subjects such as poverty and environmental limits, water contamination, hunger, transportation, prevention of non-natural disasters, legal debate on environmental offences.  In addition, the edition of 2001 contains a special chapter on the Water Plan in Spain.  Complementary readings from WorldWatch:  Reports since 1992 and 2002 Report, Icaria Editorial.