Peace and conflicts investigation and documentation
To promote the values of understanding, respect and international cooperation to resolve conflicts by non-violent means.
I. Centers
II. Reviews
III. Campaigns
Investigation and documentation centers about peace and conflicts.


Escola de Cultura de Pau. It promotes the practice of the culture of peace through understanding. (Spanish and Catalan)
Centros de Estudios de la Paz. Education, consultancy, research and publications to prevent and solve conflicts.
Center for Global Nonviolence. Change of global non-violence. (English)
Fundación Seminario de Investigación para la Paz. Centro Pignatelli, Zaragoza. (Spanish)

Copenhagen Peace Research Institute (COPRI). Research and conflict resolution, world peace decrees, the causes and effects of war.  

Culture of Peace Website. UNESCO's site for the International Decade for a Culture of Peace. (English)
David Adams: Global Movement for a Culture of Peace. One of the main booster for the Culture of Peace UNESCO Programme. (English)
Department of Peace and Conflict Research. Research Programs on Conflicts Resolutions... (English)
Fundació per la Pau. Educational actions and proposals for a Culture of Peace. (Catalan)
Fundación Rigoberta Menchú. It implements programmes and actions on behalf of the Human Rights, the indigenous Mayan people rights and conflict resolution.
Instituto de Estudios sobre Paz y Cooperación (Universidad Abierta Iberoamericana). Theoretical and applied research for the evaluation and execution of peace cooperation, development, etc. 
Instituto de Investigaciones y Acción Social Martin Luther King. Research, education, communications, actions and promotion of the culture of peace in Nicaragua.
Instituto de Paz y Conflictos. Universidad de Granada. Education of researchers whose main interests are the culture of peace and conflict resolutions.
International Peace Bureau. It brings together people working for peace in many sectors:  women, youth, religions, etc.
International Peace Research Association (IPRA). To advance interdisciplinary research into the conditions of peace and the causes of war and other ways of violence.
International Peace Research Institute, Oslo. It concentrates on the driving forces behind violent conflict and on ways in which peace can be built.
Justicia y Paz. Its mission is to make widely known the social teachings of the Church, promotes human and people's rights, justice, peace, solidarity and preservation of the environment.
Palestinian Development Infonet. Arabic and Israeli links on the peace process and conflict, specially in regard to its Palestinian-Israeli extent.
Peace and Conflict Home on the Web. Web site on peace studies.
Peace Corps. Volunteers to promote world peace.
Peres Center for Peace. The Nobel Laureate Shimon Peres founded the Peres Center for Peace in which the people of the region would work together to build peace through cooperation among Palestinians and Israeli. 
Seminario de Investigación para la Paz. Links on peace research.
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). Institute conducting research on questions of conflict and cooperation with the aim of contributing to an understanding of the conditions for peaceful solution of international conflicts and for peace.
The Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research. Research, comments, ideas and debates about peace in conflict places.

UNESCO. Transdisciplinar project "In the direction of a Culture of Peace".

UNESCO Etxea. It spreads UNESCO's principles, programmes and actions throughout the Basque region.


Digitals reviews about peace, non violence and conflicts


Gloobal hoy. Resources in regard to peace, human rights, non-violence... 
Non Violence Actualité. Resources in regard to non-violence and conflicts resolution.


International campaigns


Brigadas Internacionales de Paz. Protect the human rights and promote the solutions of conflicts by non-violent means.
The Hague Appeal for Peace. It is dedicated to abolish war.
Mouvement pour la Paix. It comprises associations and local committees under the slogan "To globalize Peace".