Education for peace
So that all the persons at all the levels develop aptitudes for the dialogue, the negotiation, the formation of consensus and the pacific solution of conflicts.
A Ray of Hope. Ambassadors of the Culture of Peace for the Youth of the UNESCO.
Ahimsa. Document's center and education for peace. (Spanish).
Alteris. Didactic resources on topics changed as peace, globalization, health, family, environment, etc. (Catalán)
Ámbito María Corral. Investigation to interdiscipline, promotion and diffusion of human values.
Asociación Mundial por la Escuela Instrumento de Paz Develops activities of sensitization relative to the education for the peace.(Spanish)
Canadian Centre for Teaching Peace. Working to bring together all peoples of the world in the promotion of lasting peace through "thinking globally and acting locally".
Canal Solidario. Practical information about the activities of ONGs, foundations and other organizations without fortitude of lucre. (Spanish)
Centro de Investigación para la Paz.  Is a research institute which analyzes international issues from a multidisciplinary perspective.
Cultura de Paz.  Cuatrimestral publication of the Institute of Investigations and Social Action " Martin Luther King " UPOLI. E-mail: imlk@upoli.edu.ni (Spanish).
Culture of Peace Committee. An Internet Service Provider dedicated to supporting and promoting groups and individuals working for peace, human rights and the environment through the use of information and communication technologies.
Diccionario para la paz. Interactive lexicon " for the peace ".(Spanish).
Ecoliers du Monde. Promotes the education of the children in the countries of the south.
Edualter. Network of educational resources for the peace. (Spanish).
Educación sin Fronteras. Impels the education in the countries of the Third World. (Spanish).
Educalia. Educalia is an educational programme that Fundació "la Caixa" has developed on the Internet for the community formed by children from 3 to 18 years of age, along with their families and teachers.  

Educational Portal of the Americas . Support to the development of human resources using the new technologies of the information and the communication.

Escuela Cultura de PazPage that has the object to serve as point of meeting for all those who are involved in the diffusion of the culture of peace: pupils, teachers, parents, tutors. (Spanish).
Hague Appeal for Peace Youth Network. An international network of organizations and individuals dedicated to the abolition of war and making peace a human right.  
Learning Development Institute. A transdiscplinary networked learning community devoted to excellence in the development and study of learning.
Martin Auer: Historias para una cultura de paz. Compilation of histories for children and young people available in several languages.(Spanish).
Oragnization of American States. Program of education for the peace.
Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos: Educación en valores. Resources on education in values. (Spanish).
The Peace Center. It is employed principally at the school and familiar way.  
Peace Education Foundation. Includes didactic resources.
Peace Education Network. List of linkage to organizations of the whole world that are employed at education for the peace.
Peace Pledge Union. An independent organisation of individuals whose shared belief is that war and violent conflict are neither necessary nor inevitable. Their shared aim is to work towards creating a just world free from war.

Queen Sofia Center for the Study of Violence. Realizes and promotes scientific investigations on the factors of the violence.

Redepaz. Red Global de Educación para la Paz. Promotes the cooperation between institutions involved with the programs and projects of Education for the Peace.
Resources for Peace. Link and resources on peace and not violence.
Seminario Galego de Educación para la Paz. Group of professionals of the education who are employed at the promotion of didactic material and theoretical reflections on the education for the peace. (Gallego).
UNESCO. Declaration and Programme of Action for a Culture of Peace
Universidad de Princeton: Programa sobre Paz y Justicia. Information about links related to American universities that treat the topics of peace and justice.