You left me




I shall be

when you return.

I shall remain


standing for peace,

my face to the wind.

Federico Mayor

"I will raise my voice"


We are too distracted, excessively absorbed with urgent matters that are secondary, preoccupied with news that with progressive frequency provides an incomplete and exaggerated, if not biased perspective of reality. The net result is that we become “receivers,” passive spectators resigned to waiting to see what happens, what the others are doing. In view of the present conceptual confusion in a world suffering from the consequences of having replaced universal values with the laws of the marketplace and in which inequalities in all areas continue to increase, it is urgent to peacefully promote a popular outcry which, being so widespread and strong, will be able to correct the present tendencies that darken the horizons for the future generations, to whom we owe our supreme commitment.

Federico Mayor Zaragoza

"The Crime of Silence"